Hi ladies,

I just had my wedding in July 2016.
For my wedding prep, I found reading all the reviews and comments on forums very informative and useful. I thought I'd "payback" and contribute a review on the bridal package which I took up at Thomson Wedding, in case anyone is considering it.

I took my actual day package at Thomson Wedding. (I didn't take up the pre-wedding shoot, as I had already booked a pre-wedding shoot in Korea with another bridal studio.)

Like most actual day bridal packages, it consisted of 1 wedding gown, 1 evening gown, 1 tea dress/kua, make-up, photography, flowers for the wedding car and corsages. (Mine didn't have suit for the groom as the groom had his tailor-made due to his peculiar body shape :x)

Selection for the wedding gowns was quite wide for me. (But that being said, I'm 1.73m so I don't have the problem of dresses being too long for me.) I liked quite a few and had a hard time deciding. There are many beautiful evening gowns as well. In general I didn't have a problem with not having enough dress choices.

My coordinator was very patient and helpful, especially when I took up quite some time agonizing over which dresses to pick as I was pretty torn between 2 dresses.

My photos turned out fine. It's not like the super-nice kind as you would expect from the top tier photographers which you have to pay a bomb for, but I think the photos are good enough for me. They capture the actual day memories sufficiently and I don't have any complaints. My photographer (Guo Soon), though a little cheesy, was hardworking, asking us to pose and take all kinds of photos whenever we have lull moments while waiting for the next activity to happen. He's very earnest and puts in great effort to take as many photos and as best as he can. The actual-day photos were also ready within less than 2 weeks from my wedding.

Make-up Artist
Jovin was great. Punctual, friendly and nice and my make-up turned out great.

The initial price quoted was a bit high. But after haggling a bit, we managed to bring the price down to one which both sides could agree to. The whole bridal package was quite value-for-money. No hidden costs as well. Before signing the package I was already informed that things likes ampoules, falsies and early surcharges are not included in the package.

All in all, I was satisfied with the package from TWC. Things went as per expected, and no complaints from us. For brides-to-be who are like me (practical, budget-conscious, not dreaming of the most extravagant wedding and just want something good enough without breaking the bank), I'd recommend you to consider TWC. Hope this review is of use to you