Just completed my pre-wedding photoshoot with Tiffany Diamond Wedding bridal studio (base in Taichung)

I was really impressed with their service and the entire process of my outdoor (Alice Sky) photoshoot. Had to travel to Taichung (Taiwan) but it was TOTALLY worth it!

First impression: when I walked into their bridal studio, it was top notched - fancier than those luxury goods store.

Gown selection: Superb. Extremely wide variety, multiple collections. Trust me, my spouse and I are very picky when it comes to dressing up

Photoshoot process: Very professional photographer and videographer. Knew what they were doing and not waste time. Make-up artist was v attentive.

Selection of photos: No hard-selling, had a lot of freedom to select (unlike other BS which I heard experiences from friends/relatives)

Overall: 10/10 experience. If you are looking for a luxury wedding photoshoot experience, THIS IS IT.
Treated like VVIPs throughout the 3 days.

PS: Also, there was no hidden cost, whatsoever.

Thanks for reading! Cheers