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    Crying ROM Ideas !

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum, thus would need more help from you guys.
    My ROM date is in the month of December this year, I did not intend to have any plans for that day. Recently, I came to browse through loads of wedding websites and started to think about my ROM day. It seems that having to just attend the ceremony and sign was too plain and short.
    I was thinking about something more than just the solemnization ceremony.
    I've searched alot of websites on suggestion, but most of them was some sort having the chinese dinner and ROM on the same day.
    I did not plan to have a chinese dinner to be on the same day.
    Just probably a small dinner with my friends and our family members to make it more interesting.
    Is there any other suggestions on how I could make it a better day?

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    If you separate your ROM & Wedding, it will take more time for planning and cost.
    It depends on the people you are inviting - then you can decide how special it can be,

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    perhaps you can do both the same day.. planning it separately entails a lot of time.

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