Romantic life wedding photoshoot(open date package)

Hi, i'm selling off my TAIPEI photo shoot package from ROMANTIC LIFE worth:SGD3288
Romantic Life was awarded Best Photography and Best Styling by ESD Life, Hong Kong's biggest Wedding Portal, in 2008 by 166000 couples.
RL Taiwan was also appointed by Taiwan Tourism Board as the official bridal studio for overseas photography.

* There is NO contract deadline for the package you can use it any time you prefer
* Price negotiable for the interested.

I had negotiated for a **good deal** (NO additional charge) with the following items:

Location photography
- All outdoor shoot or plus indoor shoot (excl transportation)
- Service for 13 hours a day, incl. makeup
- Appointed famous photographer

- 36 pcs photo of 12 inch x 15 inch HANDMADE photo album x1 (S$70/additional photo)
- 36 pcs photo of 4 inch x 5 inch HANDMADE photo album x1
- 36 pcs photo of magazine size HANDMADE photo album x1
- 20 inch x 24 inch canvas photo with HANDMADE frame x1

* All photos are laminated with UV moisture-proof film
* Photo satisfaction guaranted, NO additional cost for re-shoot

- 36 pcs selected photo will be returned in CD copy x1
- 60 inch wedding poster x1
- 400 pcs exquisite thank you -postcard/bookmark (as you wish to choose) x1
- VIP Golden HANDMADE invitation cards (Momento photo cards) x12*
- Special design tabletop banner for signatures during wedding dinner x1
- Local treats on the house by ROMANTIC LIFE

Dress Modeling
- Wedding and Evening gowns(for bride) x4
- Wedding suit-including shirt, necktie and white shoes(for groom) x2
- Hairdo and make-up by famous stylist(for bride) x4
- Hairdo and make-up by famous stylist(for groom) x2
- Personal oraments & accessories for both bride and groom
- Hand bouquet for both bride and groom

For the pricing, please SMS me at 98897105 we can further discuss.