ROM's venue - feedback
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    ROM's venue - feedback

    Hi all,

    Fiancé and I were planning to hold our ROM at the ROM venue, cuz we don't really wanna make a big deal about it. And we'd like to save some money for more important things.

    Any feedback on how ROM's facilities are? Never been there before. Or are we better of doing something casual at a restaurant or something?

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    for simple wedding you still need a ROM at a venue. ROM premises itself you cant hold wedding, unless it's nearby at fort canning park. There are a few restaurants there.

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    theobservatory, are u gg to have ur banquet separately from ur solemnization? If u are i'd say the ROM premises are good enough. It's pretty nice acty! Plus u do save money as compared to u having ur solemnization outdoors...I just did mine on Thursday and everyone was very helpful and friendly. And defnitely no screw ups ...My cousin's JP made a big boo boo by mispronouncing names/ or was it calling a mr as miss or the opposite. I cant exactly remember but it was sth along those lines..

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    what's the best ROM venue in SG?

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