SALE: Letting go bridal package $3388 -> $2,300 NETT (URGENT!)
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    SALE: Letting go bridal package $3388 -> $2,300 NETT (URGENT!)

    Urgent! I am selling a bridal package from Seletar Broadway, as I would like to take my shoot in Japan as my Father is there and need to make preparations asap.

    Original Price was $3388, got it at $3088.
    (I have already paid $2,000 deposit + $144 7% GST)
    willing to let it go at $2,300 NETT

    Open date: 5 years from Nov 2014, you may top up on your own if you wish to go to Taiwan, Australia, etc.
    Please see the following for the details of the package:

    Pre wedding shoot –
    2 x MTM Bridal Gown (Rental)
    5 Outfit + 5 Styling for Studio (outdoor + Indoor)
    (you can choose your locations)
    (including actual day, 1 wedding gown, 1 evening gown)
    2 Pieces of Groom’s Coat (1 white shirt & a pair of custom trousers)
    Bridal Make up: Trial (Can also use for ROM) + Studio (In/Out)
    need to top up if require MUA to follow you through out
    Fresh flower for indoor studio photo-taking
    Head flowers, gloves, necklaces, earrings
    1 x Free Rental ROM dress + Free Rental ROM Jacket
    2 x Free Rental Dad’s jacket

    Photos -
    35 x pieces (12 X 15R) – Customizable Album Box with different designs and materials can be chosen from their catalogue!
    1 x 20 x 24 frame or 3 photos in 1 frame
    30 x 5R mini album (duplicate of main album)
    Free 4R 60 pieces (10 poses)
    Free CD ROM of selected photos
    Wedding guest signature poster
    Exludes -
    eye lashes $20
    Ampoule $30
    Outdoor car $150
    If make-up needed before 7AM on actual day, top up $50
    NO DRY CLEANING charges!

    Actual day -
    1 x Wedding gown (open rack, all gowns are included)
    1 x Evening gown (open rack, all gowns are included)
    1 x Groom's Tuxedo
    Actual Day & Night makeup & hairdo
    1 fresh flowers hand bouquet
    6 corsages
    Bridal car decoration
    FREE rental of father's jacket - 2 pieces
    FREE rental - 1 set of groom tuxedo
    FREE rental of TEA dress or KUA
    Free Rental Brides maid dress, additional dresses for sisters at $90 per piece (original price $180)
    Free Rental Best Men Jacket

    If interested, please email me at

    photos credit to seletar broadway

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