Remember these rules !

Rule #1:
Never buy gaming console/games in Sim Lim Square. Unless they are recommended by friends / relatives.

Rule #2:
Remember Rule #1 because it is so important. No need to spend money to learn the lesson because many people have already done so for you.

Rule #3
Only buy from reputable shop who shop name is a well-known brand. As to what game shop is reputable in SLS, I don’t have the answer since generally many in internet forums speak negatively of game shop in SLS. Probably can treat Rule#3 as non-existent then.

However, if you still wanna buy gaming items in SLS, make sure that

Rule #4:
Whatever you buy there, double check the purchased item before you step out of shop. Open up any item even if it is “cheap” accessories, battery or anything. Request to test if possible whatever you buy at the spot even if the shop is reputable or grant 1-to-1 exchange within grant period. Most importantly, check your receipt properly (eg date, serial number, item list) and make sure all items are listed. Never trust what they say (even if they say that the item is already in the bag), only trust what you see.

Rule #5
Only buy the item you have originally in mind. If the item is not available, walk out immediately. Do not let the staff recommend other items because they will (definitely) mark up to high price and also “force” you to buy having told you that they already prepare the receipt and make the order.

Rule #6:
Do your homework. Don’t ever buy any expensive item on impulse else you find the most ridiculous reasons ever giving to you just to rip you. There are many affordable internet cafes around SLS that cost less than $2 for 1/2 hours, and you get use it to google the item and the name of the shop you about to buy from.

Rule #7:
If you get ripped off, take as lesson learn. Complaining to Police and CASE is unlikely to help much because chances is that your predicament isn’t new too and that particular shop very likely to be already blacklisted. Those shop owners may even challenge you to call the police or report to CASE. You are buying and patronizing those shop with youyes wide open.

taken from .. quite good info actually..