POST-WEDDING SALES: UPDATED PRICES, just looking to clear.

Hi ladies! Looking to sell off some of the items I have used / didn't use for my wedding, will state if brand new on the photos. Do PM me if you are interested!

Meetups at Tampines - Fri night to Sunday (need to let me know earlier as I need to bring over)

Redhill, tanjong pagar, Kent ridge on weekdays

Set 1: $30
-Used once in good condition Gold and red around 32-35cm good quality double happiness decoration x 1 pc
-Used once in good condition Thick double happiness decoration
15 cm x 4 pc
10cm x 10 pc
-Used once in good condition Heart double happiness
design 1 x 4pc
design 2 x 3pc
design 3 x 2pc
flower x 4pc
-Chinese cloth decoration, used once, in good condition, can fit normal HDB gates (see pic pls) x 2 pc

Set 2: $15
-Used once in good condition, fake flower boutonierres for parents/siblings, 5 navy 2 light blue
-Brand New Bridesmaid Corsages x 4
-Used once in good condition Groomsmen Boutenierres x 5

Set 3: $2
-Brand new leftover double happiness wedding red packets, 7 big 17 small
-Brand New leftover disposable tea paper cups, 28 pieces left

Set 4: $10
-Brand New Necklace from Lovisa

Set 5: $30
Used once guodali items
Lamp (purchased at $25.80) - used once
Prosperity set mini (purchased at $39.80) - used once to display
Wedding bowls and spoon set (purchased at ($23.80) (used once)
Chopsticks (new)
Mini clogs (displayed for wedding)
Chinese long (sorry i dont know what its called)
Double happiness pan for oranges

Thank you! (please feel free to pm me for closer photos)