Hi, due to personal reasons, I'm selling the Z wedding AD package.Bought at 3688++. $600 discount for interested parties. Additional perks given as well. PM if interested. Thanks

Package includes the following:
1 x WG (either one from exclusive range)
1 x EG (either one from exclusive range)
2 x Premium Groom Suits
1 x Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet
6 x corsages
Bridal car decoration
Follow car ribbons
Trial make-up
Actual day and night makeup

Other package details include:
1. Package excludes ampoules and eyelashes at $30 and $18 respectively
2. Additional selected images are priced at $115 each
3. Surcharges apply for makeup services before 7am ($50/hr) & 5am ($80/hr)
4. Repair costs are applicable if gown is damaged or heavily soiled, beyond repair will be considered sold
5. Additional $80 for make up services is applicable to a wedding ceremony hold on 2 or more separate days