Share with me your journey with The Louvre Bridal.
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    Love Share with me your journey with The Louvre Bridal.

    I have signed up a package with the Louvre bridal for Korea wedding photoshoot.
    any BTB mind sharing your experiences like your processing for the Korea photoshoot?

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    Hi angelababysg,
    Our photo shoot in Korea was over with the same bridal last year.
    I still can recall the process.
    Definitely, we are very thankful to our coordinators both in Korea and Singapore.
    Without their patience, our photos would not turn out to be so perfect with so many compliments.
    We were given a number of studio options and we are glad we made the choice so right, because our photos were really nice! I mean I am really satisfied with our photos.
    The whole process is really quite long. We waited a few months and all thanks to our coordinator to keep conveying our requests and messages to and fro, because our album were designed and printed in Korea. Although there are like minor issues on album photo sequences, our coordinator solved for us and made us feel at ease that we are well taken care.
    The photographer made us feel very easy on the day. He is really very professional and thumbs up for the service levels.
    You have made a good choice! We are also referring some of our friends to Louvre Bridal from our experiences.
    When are you flying?

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    pls share your experiences guys

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    Here is our review:

    I will say they are not the lowest price. We have shopped 6 bridals before we sign up and are very astonished over the price some bridals gave us.
    Louvre Bridal price is on average.

    Place & Gowns
    Their place is very spacious and homely. I must say I like their boutique very much as compared to those along TJPagar.
    Their stage is very grand. But they don't have as many gowns as others.
    Their gowns are very well maintained and designs are very outstanding.

    Personally, the photos stand out the most and attracted me a lot.
    The photos are very well taken and they have very good ideas for our photo shoot.

    I find the sales person very friendly and patient and they can customize to what we want.

    8/10 rated, so we decided with them.

    Currently we are aliasing with them on the photoshoot venues. I will update more as we go along.

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