Hi guys!

Blessings to all of you! I am new to this forum, hope some of you who have tied the knots could share with me your experiences!

Me and my HTH will be getting married this year (Dec 2013). As of the moment now, we have narrowed our choices to the above 4 choices.

We dont have a lot of relatives and friends, and we are looking at around 12 tables. In addition, we are also organizing luncheon wedding.

Guys, may I know which is the better hotel for you guys? Me and my HTB are actually pretty particular only about the atmosphere and the services rendered. we are not so strict on the quality of food.

We understand that given our small wedding size of 12 tables, we will not granted a ballroom from the respective hotels. do any of you guys here had experience on small wedding luncheon? how was it?

which hotel gives the most romantic atmosphere for a wedding luncheon?

Thanks for reading my long post! my blessings to all of you guys here!

warmest regards