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    Smile Si Dian Jin Buying Guide

    Here's a bride who is fond of buying gold sharing on how you can save on your si dian jin:

    How do you pick your sidianjin if your spouse or mother in law give you the choice to choose and assuming you still taking gold:
    1. Determine a budget for this
    depend on individuals, it can be $1000 to $10,000 or even more
    whatever budget it is, fret not, likely u can still get 4 items of gold with at least $1000

    2. 916 or 999 gold
    916 means 91.6% of gold content
    it is cheaper than 999 which means 99.9% of gold content however it is softer, means the shape may easily bent if its bangle it or ring may not be advisable to get 999 if you are buying for long term wear

    3. Design
    which can range from traditional phoenix and dragon, to flowers design to italian designs preferably its something u want to wear. if u r the type that would not wear gold regardless of any design, then i suggest u spend lesser on workmanship

    4. which shops?
    the premium ones are the one you can see in malls like poh heng, tianpo, citigems, goldheart, chow tai fook which comes with higher workmanship cost as they also charge GST. unless u have some relative from overseas flying in and you can ask them using their passport to buy from u and claim the taxes before they depart from singapore (one way to save GST)

    you can also go to those individual jewelries shop such as chunghwa, bao jewelry, one ounce in chinatown, etc. if you do not mind buying new items from pawnshop, the maxicash jewelry could be a place to haunt

    5. how to calculate if its cheap or expensive?
    logically, find the retail gold price, currently $62 for 916 gold, $65 for 999 gold

    second item weight. how many grams say 10 grams of 916 gold would be
    $620 just the gold price

    third ask how much is the workmanship? you cant nego on gold price but this part u can nego. typically if the design is very normal (means almost every gold jewelry shop you can find similar types of this design) the workmanship should be lower (mass production)

    some of the shops i ever visited:
    chunghwa: tell them ur relative buy there often, charge $3 per gram of gold for workmanship. they dont charge gst however their retail gold price is higher than outside.
    my personal experience: service not very good, lack of patience probably because of the low workmanship they charging. i not saying they not good but if you very particular about retail experience, then gold to those citigems, poh heng, tianpo.still i had a number of gold items with them
    their receipt is hand written. good to ask them to weigh first to double confirm the weight

    one ounce: nicer experience, no gst and negotiable workmanship highly recommended.

    some designs in SK or poh heng like 3D butterfly, u cant find when u comparing that could comes with $300-$500 of workmanship for a 30 grams of bangle. hard to be copied cant mass produce.

    i will continue this post again when im free. currently till here first

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    Thanks! This is really informative for people like me

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    Woah. Thank u for this, really!

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    Will share this to my other friends for sure!

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    Thankful for this thread! Thumbs up

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    Lovin this thread! Thank you very much

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    Thanks for this I appreciate this thread!

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