Hi everyone, i am new to this forum and was looking around but couldn't find any posts on just a small solemnisation ceremony without the actual grand wedding.

i don't really know if there is a standard to follow, but my HTB and i are intending to save for a big ceremony about 3 yrs down the road, just before our HDB is ready, but we want to register first and have a small ceremony with close friends and family.

I'm looking at something like a tea party, i have a few venues in mind as well, but would just like to find out, usually who will be invited to these events, how will the ceremony run and what would the attire be? just a nice gown will do right? and usually what will be costs be like? to spend about $100pp is it too much? do people give ang bao for these?

headache ahh..

btw we intending to do it Oct this yr, 2013