Solemnisation process
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    Solemnisation process

    Hi guys,

    I'm planning on doing my solemnization next year. Any bros and sis can guide me thru process on that day?

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    basically go to, you need to hire a justice of peace for the day

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    Hi yips0001.

    Perhaps these will be of big help to your planning:
    Steps to Getting Married Outside ROM
    How to get married in Singapore

    You can find more tips and informative downloads here:
    Wedding Tips and Resources Download

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    Can someone send me a timeline for solemnisation?

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    According to the ROM website, the steps to solemnization are:

    1. Decide on and confirm the solemnization date, time and venue.
    2. Choose from the ROM's 'List of Licensed Solemnizers'.
    3. 3 months (and not earlier) before the solemnization date, contact a solemnizer (choose one from within your constituency/postal district). Tell him about your marriage details such as plan, venue, date, time.
    4. Download a 'Solemnizer Consent Form' on the webpage
    5. Meet and obtain your solemnizer’s signature on the consent form. For contingency reasons, always ask your solemnizer for the name and contact number of his/her buddy solemnizer.
    6. File your Notice of Marriage.

    Ensure that your solemnization happens within 3 months of filing!

    Hope this helps!

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