Sunday Luncheon and customary
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    Sunday Luncheon and customary

    hi all i have shortlisted a few hotels that i am interested in and will be going to some workshop and fair very soon.

    however i have some doubt about the timeline worrying that we might not make it in time. because after consulting a master his instruction is for the bride to leave for groom house after 9. because customary wise i believe it is standard in a way tea ceremony @ groom place -> change ->tea ceremony @ bride place. if possible we prefer not to have our tea ceremony at the hotel.

    does all sunday luncheon have a standard timing of 12-4 for the usage of the ballroom? (will i be able to make adjustment? like change it to like 1-5 instead

    can anyone advise please? million thanks!

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    sunday luncheon sounds really good

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    yeah the idea is a smart one... hopefully it will help me save

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