Hi! I'm currently doing a survey for my degree course project. I'll greatly appreciate if you all can help me

Gender: Male/Female

1. Which age group do you belong to?
o Under 16
o 17 25
o 26 35
o Above 35

2. What is your monthly income?
o Below $1000
o $1,000 - $2, 000
o $2,000 - $4,000
o Above $4,000

3. What cuisine do you prefer?
o Chinese Cuisine
o Malay Cuisine
o Indian Cuisine
o Others _______________ Please state

4. What is the frequency of your eat-out days on a weekly-basis?
o 13
o 4 6
o Everyday
o Not at all

5. How much are you willing to spend on a meal?
o Below $5
o Below $10
o Below $20
o Others (__________)

6. Do you believe in eating healthy?
o Yes
o No

7. Are you willing to pay more for healthy options?
o Yes
o No, why not? __________________________________________________ _________

8. Does the ready food (fast-food, microwavable etc.) in the current market appeals to you?
o Yes
o No

9. Do you order home delivery?
o Yes
o No (If not please answer the next question)

10. Why do you not engage in delivery service? (Can choose more than one options)
o Price
o Food Quality
o Timeliness
o Availability

11. What is the frequency of your food delivery order on a weekly-basis?
o Once per week
o Twice per week
o Thrice per week
o Others __________
o Not at all

12. Would you prefer home-cooked style food as your deliveries?
o Yes
o No

13. Have you heard of Ting-Kat delivery services?
o Yes
o No

13a. If yes, have you tried before?
o Yes
o No
Thank you for your time!!!!