Taboo for tea ceremony?
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    Taboo for tea ceremony?

    My customary wedding date is on the 1st march 2014. Around January earlier this year, my brother-in-law's grandmother passed away from old age. Now my future MIL says my elder sister cannot come home to my mother's house for the tea ceremony as it will cause a clash of luck to my marriage. I'm very close to my sister and definately wish to have her witness and get involve in all process of my marriage. I've heard of other common taboos but nothing of this sort. Can anyone tell me if it is true that my sister cannot/ shouldn't be present during the tea ceremony?

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    there are some who believe that if you have a funeral in the "next of kin" immediate family, then it's not recommend to attend weddings / baby showers for the next 100days to come. some ppl practice 49days or even as long as 1 year. so it depends on each's belief and if the newly wed couple's family has any objections to it.
    maybe cos the tea ceremony is also part of the wedding ceremony hence your future MIL's comment that your sister cannot attend.
    just my two cents worth.

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    Ooooh. thanks for sharing about this ritual. i've been curious about it too.

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