I have signed up for a Taiwan wedding photography package with RomanticLife bridal studio in Taipei.

I have paid a deposit of RM1500 and managed to negotiate for a lot of other extra album/posters/gown/hairdo with the Taiwan person during the fair, but I am willing to let go of this package at RM1200. This is because I won't be able to go Taiwan anymore due to personal reasons.

Please email me at capricorn_015@yahoo.com if you are interested. I will furnish you with more details on the album/ gown provided.

P/S: you definitely cannot get a better deal now as I booked this during their FIRST fair in Penang and they gave a very special promotion



Package includes:
-outdoor and indoor photography
-40 photos with edited design in large album - 10X12"
-every set of chosen photo will have laminated UV resistance and soft copy
-20" by 24" canvas photo with frame
-3 dresses for bride (all range including VIP range can be chosen) dresses
-2 standard suit for groom
-all ornaments, accessories, hair styling and make up included
-free hand bouquet

Items I have negotiated for:
-additional 1 magazine style album
-additional 1 page of thumbnail pictures in the album
-upgrade to a better quality scratch proof album
-upgraded the album cover to scratch proof quality
-400 pieces of thank you card
-signature book
-100 wedding invitation cards
-extra 1 gown at no extra cost (=3 gowns they provide + 1 free gown = 4 gowns)

Total price RM 4888 (offer during their first visit to Penang to promote their company)

*Original price was SGD3888, about RM7000 when they launched the package in Singapore.