Terms to Negotiate with Bridal Company when letting go of Package
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    Terms to Negotiate with Bridal Company when letting go of Package

    Dear All BTBs,

    I need help! Due to hard selling and enticing us with special rates and perks, we have signed up for a AD PG with a bridal company. However, we already have another photographer in mind. Hence would like to sell off this package.

    However the bridal company requires the new couple who intends to take over our package to pay for the current package price. In addition, all prices of other additional services will also follow the current rate.

    I understand this is our own fault for signing up so easily. However, the terms by the company is making it very very difficult for us to find someone who will be willing to take over our package. After all, why would they want to sign with us if the rate is exactly the same as signing directly with the company now?

    Anyone in similar situation before who can advise on how you counter-negotiate (and what other options to negotiate for) with the company to retain the special rate/perks or ways to make the package more attractive to sell it to potential buyers? All help welcomed!

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think one of the best options you can go is give the deal a discount... So potential buyers might be interested

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