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    pick a date, start a budget plan and book the venue

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    start by listing everything you need for your wedding and arrange them based on what's the most important to you, and start working from there

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    Quote Originally Posted by a1beng View Post
    I started off by checking the forums for the checklists available for download. After that, do some comparison and select the items that I will need for my wedding. As for budget control, both of us have discussions whether it is value for money before we decided to go ahead. There are a few columns (Deposit Paid ($) Amount left for payment ($) Total Amount ($)) for each item in the checklist which are used to keep track of the amount spent.

    Just sharing what I have in my checklist, hope this helps.

    Marriage Preparation Course

    Bridal Studio
    Package (include rental of bride's wedding & evening gown, groom's suit, pre-wedding photoshoot, bridal car, hair & makeup, flower bouquet etc)
    Upgrade package, additional $800"
    Ampoules & Eyelashes
    Security deposit (upon collection of gowns and suits)
    Groom's leather shoes
    Groom's contact lenses
    Groon's off the shelves shirts or tailor made
    Bride's high-heels
    Bride's manicure and pedicure
    Pre-wedding photoshoot
    Casual Wear
    Props for pre-wedding photoshoot
    Extra photos for album

    Registry of Marriage
    ROM E-invites
    ROM registration fees
    Angpow for Justice of Peace (JP)
    Groom & Bride’s NRIC
    Both dad’s NRIC
    ROM appointment letter
    All ROM documents (Certificates of Marriage, Confirmation of Marriage Licence Issued, ROM self-addressed pre-stamped envelope)
    Wedding vows script (if any)
    Bride's tea dress & accessories (rental from bridal studio)
    Groom's suit or vest (rental from bridal studio) & long sleeve shirt
    Make up (trial make up from bridal studio) & hairdo - to bride's house
    ROM lunch for guest
    ROM photographer
    ROM videography
    ROM guest list & seating arrangement
    Wedding bands
    Ring pillow
    Pens + pen holder
    Flower bouquet (Roses/Lily?)
    Guestbook on guest sign in table/reception (to get from bridal studio)
    Background music

    Before Actual Day
    Dowry/Bride Price (聘金)
    Dowry (嫁妆)items
    Betrothal Gift Exchange (Guo Da Li 过大礼) items
    Bridal Bed & Essential Furniture
    Setting the bridal bed (安床) items

    Actual Day Customory/Fetch the Bride Timing: /Conflicting Animal Zodiac of the Day:
    Make up artist & hairdo - to bride's house
    Flower bouquet
    Bridal car (rental from bridal studio)
    Angpows for gate crash
    Angpows to relatives (小辈) at bride’s home
    Angpows to relatives (小辈) at groom’s home
    Angpows to brothers & sisters
    Angpow to little boy (open bridal car door) at bride's home
    Angpow to little boy (open bridal car door) at groom's home
    Angpow to helpers (brothers, sisters, coordinator, emcees)
    Color theme & attire for brothers & sisters
    Accessories for brothers & sisters (eg. Bow ties, Wrist corsages)
    Wedding day itinerary (helpers' contact list, timing, roles & responsibility, item checklist)
    AD photography
    AD videography
    Developing of extra photos
    Honorarium/ Gifts(谢礼)??

    Wedding Banquet
    Package (include 30 tables or more, 1 night hotel stay, wedding flavors etc)
    Wedding invitation card printing & accessories
    Postage for wedding invitation card (if any)
    Duty paid wine (BYO or purchased from hotel)
    Duty paid hard liquor (BYO if any)
    Day room for helpers
    Dinner guest list & seating arrangment
    Wedding day itinerary (helpers' contact list, timing, roles & responsibility, item checklist)
    Emcee Script
    Guestbook & pen on guest sign in table/reception (from hotel)
    Ang pow box on guest sign in table/reception
    Pre-wedding shot photo frame & stand
    Pre-wedding shot photo album
    - songs to be played before banquet and during video montage
    - pre-wedding video montage
    - actual day video montage
    - any other videos"

    Honeymoon Package
    Transport - Air Tickets, Budget Air?
    These tips are really helpful! thanks for sharing this

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    Wow this is a good checklist

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