Hi I am new to this forum i have been reading as much as i can and im quite frankly drowing in all the information here. Im the groom in this wedding. Pretty much my soon to be wife is very busy with her attachment so the burden falls upon me (not a bad thing) to plan this out.

I am hoping some kind soul here can assist me with some information and the know hows on what to do.

I am pretty much a guy who wants to make this an event my "wife" will be happy with. With that said here is a little info about us and what we're hoping to achieve.
  • Our budget is 6k.
  • Our total number of Pax is 50 - 55. about 10 children. (total his + her side)
  • Our wedding invitation cards are going to be hand made.
  • We are Indian by race not religion. And we are hoping to cater decent Indian food for the people attending.
  • I am a Methodist Christian. My "wife" is a Free thinker
  • I am very keen on having the wedding or part of the wedding ceremony in the church (she is ok with this).
  • We have bought our rings already (its being made at the moment. My fingers are big )
  • We have sorta decided to buy mini cup cakes that will be arranged as the wedding cake (KIV)

Things i need help with finding that fit in my budget.
I kind of need help finding a church to hold this wedding,
A venue to host the lunch/dinner ( i am open to the idea of a high tea of sorts too).
Photography of the church ceremony and Lunch / dinner meal.
Wedding dress package for my "wife" for the actual day.

It would mean a lot to me if anyone who has had similar experience share their knowledge with me. Esp with the church ceremony (1 believer + 1 non believer aspect) thanks.

& Yes i have read / see the church list and i know i need to call them all personally. but any help on like identifying ones that are open to such marriages will help me save so much time.

Please email me @ vdevaraj@gmail.com or sms/whatsapp @ 91850360 if important or if you have any promotions that are going to expire soon.

Thank you all so much for your assistance.