I do not write review usually as reviews are subjected to individual preference and standard expectation. However for my case, this day is my big day and we held our wedding dinner there. It show so much of their service commitment standards in hospitality industry and just paying lipservice.

From the start, our banquet dinner coordination was switched through few handlers as there was high turnover in the team and was left in the black hole for sometime till we got in contact with the Sales Director. Finally someone took over the wedding banquet coordination and we were on track for our big day. The Sales Director came down to apologise and assured us they will improve when me and my wife met up with the banquet coordinator.

We switched our wedding dinner menu to the saturday premium menu and there were supposingly crispy almond chicken in the first cold dish. We spotted this after our wedding dinner from relatives and guests feedback that there were no crispy almond chicken in the 1st cold dish. The banquet coordinator responded that she was checking with the chef and her boss and they will get back to us soon.

To our disappointment, it has been 2 months despite several follow up with the banquet coordinator and is a no show went into black hole again. No reply or explanation at all. This clearly show the service commitment attitude and standard of Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore.