Wedding Budgeting
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    Wedding Budgeting

    hi all,

    i am planning 2 years ahead for my wedding and are currently doing some budgeting. here are some of the key expenditure that i forsee.

    i hope you can help me out by advising the approx charges for individual item and anything that i miss out

    Actual Day Solemniser Ang Pow
    Actual Day Jie Mei Ang Pows
    Actual Day Xiong Di Ang Pows
    Actual Day Car-Opener
    Actual Day Relative’s Kids/Siblings
    Actual Day Gate Crash Ang Pow
    Actual Day Lunch Buffet
    Actual Day Wedding Cake
    Actual Day Wedding Favours (optional)
    Actual Day Invites (Cards - optional)
    Actual Day Live Band (optional)
    Actual Day Emcee
    Actual Day Banquet
    Actual Day AD Photography
    Actual Day AD Videography
    Actual Day Make-up Artist
    Actual Day Car Rental
    Actual Day Hand Bouquet
    Actual Day Ring Pillow
    Actual Day Bridal Photo shoot
    Actual Day Bride’s Shoe
    Actual Day Groom’s Shoe
    Pre-Wedding Renovation + Furniture
    Pre-Wedding Pedi/Mani
    Pre-Wedding ROM
    Pre-Wedding Betrothal Ang Pow
    Pre-Wedding Betrothal Gifts
    Pre-Wedding Wedding Rings
    Pre-Wedding Guo Da Li

    anything i miss out??

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    for pre-wedding ROM and actual day banquet, did you include decoration services? dont forget to budget for extra misc costs like opening more bottles of wine/beer etc. (those are under wedding banquet)

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    wow! you ladies are indeed resourceful and providing comprehensive info. Thanks for sharing.

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    Woh really seems like lots of $$ invlove

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    if you are doing your banquet in hotel, then wedding flavours is included liao and the cards too just that you will need to pay for the inserts of printing cost. Emcee can just get your friend to do it for you. Car if can just borrow frm relatives or friends.

    AD Solemniser cost about $150
    AD Photographer about $800 onwards
    Live Band about $800 onwards

    Cost given is as of now but if you really look at it every year most of the things prices will go up.

    Good luck.

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    i agree. sometimes there's additional cost in decoration of the venue because that depends on the theme of the wedding.

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