Hi All,
Anyone booked the venue with Carlton/Copthorne Kings recently for 2013 (2nd half) wedding lunch / dinner?
Was looking for venue with better food so have shortlisted these 2 venues since there were some good reviews.

For Copthorne Kings, we liaised with Irene. No additional perks offered as according to her the additional perks will be given at the BOWS this weekend and she was unable to offer it up-front.
Asked us to find out more at BOWS and will be first come first serve basis.

For Carlton, we liaised with Joanne (not Joanna), she is more flexible and helpful but from the standard offering, only managed to ask for 5% more complimentary parking and food tasting for 10 pax.
We asked for 1 bottle wine per table and additional helper room but she mentioned need to get management approval for these request hence not guaranteed.

Anyone can share the perks and experience when booking with these 2 hotels? Can email me : kuo256@hotmail.com.

Thanks and Cheers,