Wedding Invitation and Planning Start-to-finish
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    Wedding Invitation and Planning Start-to-finish

    Hi brides-to-be! I'm Janelle from LittleKnot, a Wedding Invitation and Planning web-app (

    I was a 2015 bride and like all brides, I had my brush with the uncertainty of wedding planning after becoming engaged. I hoped for a pre-wedding tool that could ease the usual stress of wedding planning. Luckily, I was one of the early users of LittleKnot (back then, I wasn't part of the company and was just a user) and it allowed me to plan my wedding from Invitation up to Seating Plan easier than I expected (given the many horror bridezilla stories I've seen ).

    With that, I present to you a brief Pre-wedding start-to-finish:

    - Plan your Budget
    - Create a Wedding Checklist
    - Set your Wedding Date
    - Build your Guestlist
    - Get your Invitations ready and send a Save-the-date 6 months before your actual day
    - Track RSVP's
    - Work on your Seat Plan
    - Send a reminder to your guests about your wedding

    Rather than doing the above things manually or with Excel, I am going out on a limb and really vouch for LittleKnot to help you perform the above tasks with ease. You're going to love it especially if you're a hands-on bride. I particularly enjoyed working on my wedding website/invitation because our guests said it's pretty and innovative! I'm speaking not as someone who's with LittleKnot, but as a former bride-to-be who have experienced using it first-hand.

    LittleKnot in a nutshell:

    - Wedding Invitation that doubles as a website and one-click RSVP tool
    - 300+ wedding invitation themes to choose from
    - Guestlist Manager that can be imported from Facebook/Google and contacts
    - Pre-made comprehensive Wedding Checklist and Budget Planner
    - Click-and-drop Seating Plan

    Do head to and try the website for FREE.

    For more info, you can also check out our socials:

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    that's really good to hear. i'm also looking for some good apps to use for my wedding.
    will try checking this one

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    Nice information. Thanks for sharing.

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    Very informative & so timely~

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