Are wedding planners any good in Singapore? Any experience with Dowed?
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    Wub Are wedding planners any good in Singapore? Any experience with Dowed?

    Hi, I moved to Singapore for a handful of years back and will be getting married soon. I am wondering if wedding planners in Singapore are really good as back home in Canada, we don't really have the practice of engaging one. But I need one in Singapore as I am not really familiar with the venues and practice/traditions here. I have a couple of friends who recommend Dowed as they are known for interracial weddings. And they have freelancers who charges reasonably. Anyone who has used them before?

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    I see a lot of people going for Corazon Events.. Read some reviews.. They are excellent and have nice ideas

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    yeah! i heard that my friend is going with corazon too. she was taken in by the team's wedding ideas

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