Have you ever wanted to play that special piece for that special someone on your wedding? Ever thought it is "impossible" to master a piece and play on your wedding within weeks/months?

It is definitely possible! I am offering wedding crash course to help you achieve that!

A little about myself,

- Classically Trained in Piano.(Grade 8)
- Studies Contemporary Piano styles, theory and improvisation methods.
- Composed and played in Local TV Drama “Ma Po Tou FU”.
- Ex Keyboardist of Local Chinese indie bands(X-Clef/Elyzia/FMJ/7th July)
- Performed at various places such as Homeclub, Club Dolls,YMS, L Cube, Ai Qing Hai Music Café, SGCC Country Club etc.
- Played Self Composed Original “Xiang Ni” During NS days and won Second Place in the competition “Recruit got talent”.
- Performed in various Wedding gigs.
- Experience in teaching students from 3-76.
- Taught in various music schools.

Sharing a quote here,

"A teacher can never choose his students, he can only choose the most suitable teaching method."

I believe, everyone can be taught and fulfill their musical dreams, be it performing, leisure, composing. I'll always strive to help fulfill your dream.


My rates are fixed and doesn't increase even when there's a level change. This is due to some of my students who has the ability to move on but was worried about the fees. And to be fair to the other students, I have decided to standardize all the fees. =)

Lessons at my home studio or Ang Mo Kio Studio - $150 per month(4 lessons a month, 45 mins per lesson)

For more info, do contact me at 96910540. Alternatively, you may contact me @ reeveswong@hotmail.sg =)

Just for your references, here are some of the testimonials from my students.

"Reeves is a very patient teacher and also very willing to go beyond the syllabus to help me understand musical concepts. I have definitely progressed from a score reader to one who can improvise."
- Pei Ying

"Reeves has been my piano teacher for the past two months and I'm very glad to have him teaching me I had to rehearse an original song for a performance once and he gave me valuable tips on how to intensify the mood of the song, on different ways to end a song, and so on. As he's played in bands before - and furthermore can also play the guitar! - he could also give me useful advice on how to coordinate with my guitarist. I admire his passion and drive in music and look forward to learning more from him!"
- Stacy

"Been learning pop piano from Reeves for 3 months and I've enjoyed the lessons so far. He's able to tailor lesson according to my different music background and willing to show his knowledge out of the book. Needless to say, he's patient and very approachable. He's good in what he does!"
- Joanna Lim

"What struck me when I first met Reeves, was how quicky he could adapt to the individual needs of his students. His resourcefulness coupled with his ability to improvise made each lesson fresh and engaging. Needless to say, not only did I progress very quickly under him, but also enjoyed myself! A gifted teacher no doubt."
- Weijian

"Fret not if you are a complete beginner or only have a little music background like me, reeves will customize his lessons based on your learning pace and preference but not compromising the music essentials."
- Charlynn Loo

"Reeves is a teacher who allows each of his students to learn the piano in the most suitable and enjoyable way possible. He's also very patient in guiding his students, which is invaluable in inculcating a strong piano-playing foundation in his students. Also, with his strong interpersonal skills, Reeves is able to build up a strong teacher-student bond very easily. All in all, an excellent piano teacher! "
- Priscilla Lee

"Reeves is a very patient piano teacher. He explains various piano techniques clearly - in an easily understood manner. His friendly personality made it really easy for me to ask him questions when I am confused or curious. He encourages students to practice and try different techniques, even when it is not exactly as he dictates. By doing so, I feel that I learn so much more since I am guided to learn and be creative rather than rote learning. Learning how to play the piano under his tutelage is fun and I would definitely recommend him to my friends if they want to learn piano too"
- Mable Koh

"Playing piano has been my childhood dream! You break down the music into parts so that it is easy for me to absorb. You are always so encouraging, patient and approachable. I enjoyed your class!"
- Laiyong Lee

"Although I am a complete beginner in piano, Reeves's patience and knowledge experience has boosted my confidence while playing piano. Time spent learning with him is fun and enjoyable and each lesson is something to look forward to."
- Karen Ng

"Reeves is a very good and knowledgeable pianist and keyboard player. He is a very stable musician to work with and is always well prepared for sessions."
- Welyon Sutjipto

"I started my piano lesson at a music school but because of frequent change in teachers, i got very tired as I have to keep re-adjusting myself to the way each piano teacher's teaching method. The new teacher also had to take some time to know where my last teacher left off and what kind of guiding i needed.
That's when i met Reeves, he was a relief teacher for my make up lesson. My first impression was that he have a cheerful and outgoing personality. He was very patient in guiding me. Furthermore, he always give short encouragement throughout the lesson to let me know whether i am doing well or not. I find that very reassuring. Due to his patience and encouragement, I find that i was able to calm down and take my time to keep playing a certain part until i get it right during the lesson, without feeling very frustratred or embarassed that i couldn't do it well after so many tries. Unlike some of my previous teachers, I could sense the feeling of impatience from them because of their body language so I would get very flustered and that doesn't help because I didn't enjoy the lesson.
When Reeves is teaching the lesson, he will look at my weak points and provide practices that I could do so that I could improve them. He doesn't simply let it be, just because I don't like the practice. He will be persistent in getting back to those practices in class so that I will do it in my own practice time.
It's always the initial part that is the hardest, once you are able to break through that barrier and get the momentum, you'll be able to do it better with good effort. So I am thankful to his persistence in getting me to do the practices I don't like so that I progress and overcome my weakness."
- Aw Man Hua

Will post all the testimonial on my website,( soon to be complete and will update everyone.) thanks !