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    Unsure Wedding Venue Ideas

    Hi All,

    I will be getting married on 29th December 2012 and I am still looking a venue to cater everyone's preference which most importantly one that is to my likings.

    My marriage event will be made into 2 days - Dinner & Malay Family Wedding.

    I want to have an outdoor wedding concept for my dinner but my budget is strained as tentages carries the bulk of the cost. I have to cater to 170ppl for the dinner and 1200ppl (40 tables - 10 seats) for the family wedding.

    The problem here is my family wants to save on cost hence they want to continue using the existing dinner venue and add on to the tables & chairs.
    As for Malay Weddings, they would pre-set a certain number of tables for an extended length of time hence it would be in-out kind of seating.

    I have planned on using Labrador Park which caters for 450ppl(seating) and the plan is doing great including the location, changing rooms and etc. The only problem is my Dad thinks is too far and not quite accessible for those family members without cars.

    I need to target on a location which I can cater for both my dinner and family wedding. The dinner has to be outdoor and family wedding can be either or. It will be great if I can cut down on the cost for the outdoor wedding tentage if a venue can be recommended which has an outdoor ambience even if it is indoor. Other locations I have viewed which is appropriate for my wedding, can't fit for my Family Wedding guests. I am such in a dilemma! HELP!....

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    botanic gardens has some big area available, otherwise you can go to a cc and rent the large rooms there. National parks do allow their parks to be rented out for weddings too.

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    you can try east coast park? i'm not sure whether weddings can be held there as ive never seen it done before, but no harm enquiring.

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    have you gotten your venue yet?

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    What are the best hotels for weddings?

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