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Thread: Wedding vows

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    dear carouseltrees, that's a really good template!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carouseltrees View Post
    hello! i'm using one of these, still choosing~

    "I ________, take thee ________, to be my wife/husband.
    To have and to hold,
    in sickness and in health,
    for richer or for poorer,
    and I promise my love to you forevermore"


    I _______, take you _______, to be my wife/husband.
    To share the good times and hard times side by side.
    I humbly give you my hand and my heart
    as a sanctuary of warmth and peace,
    and pledge my faith and love to you.
    Just as this circle is without end, my love for you is eternal.
    Just as it is made of incorruptible substance,
    my commitment to you will never fail. With this ring, I thee wed."


    Before our friends and those so special to us here,
    on this wonderful day of gladness and good fortune, I ______ take
    you _______ as my wife/husband, in friendship and in love,
    in strength and weakness,
    to share the good times and misfortune, in
    achievement and failure, to celebrate life with you forevermore

    or if you want those non conventional ones you can make up yourself too hehee. ive heard of some funny ones before.
    This is a good sample! tnx!

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    So excite to write my own vows

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