Weight loss or other diet services by The Thoughtful Dietitian
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    Weight loss or other diet services by The Thoughtful Dietitian

    Hi girls!

    Want to lose weight before your big day but doubt the effectiveness of the diets out there? Tried multiple diets but still can't shed the weight?

    I'm an accredited practicing dietitian with six years experience managing patients with weight issues in both the public and private setting. I've since ventured out to run my own online nutrition services for the convenience of my clients and am currently offering a bridal package of 4 online consults at $210 (original price $300).

    We will discuss:
    • Your personal weight and diet goals
    • Appropriate time frame
    • Social/meal situations
    • Dietary habits and food preferences
    • Any other dietary issues you face

    You will receive (over 1 initial and 3 follow-up consults):
    • A customised plan of fuss-free and effective strategies that we revise at each visit
    • A personalised meal plan
    • A recipe booklet of simple meal and snack ideas

    If you have any other dietary issues that you want to discuss and work on with me, I'm more than happy to apply this same discount package to address your specific needs too.

    To unlock your personalised package immediately (not just any generic wedding diet, but a healthy one), simply head over to my contact page, fill in the form, and quote the promo code TTDBRIDE! This offer is limited to the first 100 brides who sign up with the promo code, so get in quick and spread the word to your friends.

    I understand that some of you may be on a time crunch, but successful weight loss should always be steady and sustainable...if a diet guarantees that you will lose a large amount of weight in a short time, chances are, you will gain it right back once you go off the diet. What I always help my clients achieve is not simply their weight loss goals, but also long-term weight maintenance in good health. After all, health is as important as our weight! All my recommendations are based on sound scientific research and is evidence based.

    Check out my site for my latest blog post about things you should and should not do (with regards to your diet) before your wedding: https://thethoughtfuldietitian.com/1...-your-wedding/

    Also, feel free to check out my credentials and other blog posts. If you don't feel like you're quite ready to commit yet, no issues! Keep in touch via instagram (@thethoughtfuldietitian) where you get to see what I eat/cook on a regular basis or facebook (@thethoughtfuldietitian) where I post insightful nutrition and food related articles that I come across.

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    Thanks for sharing! Lots of btb are sure to want to lose weight before their big day

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