When do bride Hui Li (Return Ceremony)?
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    When do bride Hui Li (Return Ceremony)?

    Hi all,

    lets say my Guo da li is on 1/8/13 morning. Then how is Hui Li (Return Ceremony) usually done?

    I know need to return some items, however do we return on the same day? the groom will just bring back half? or have to wait for another day the bride's family return to groom's house?

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    Hi Alyssa, Hui Li is the second part of Guo Da Li. The traditions for the day are quite specific.

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    The second part to this tradition is when the bride gives something back to the groom as a gesture of goodwill. The bride’s parents are expected to present the groom’s parents with “return gifts” or “hui li” in Mandarin.

    Instead of brandy, two bottles of orange syrup or honey will be returned.
    Everything else in the betrothal basket, except for the pair of dragon candles and betrothal jewellery, will be returned in even numbers to the groom’s family.

    The betrothal jewellery, which consists four different types of gold, usually a pair of earrings, bracelet/bangle, necklace and ring, is yours to keep. Often referred to as “Si Dian Jin”, it is a gift from your mother-in-law and signifies that you’ll always have a roof over your head and a comfortable life. It gets its name from the four different types of gold gifted to you, usually a bracelet, a necklace, a ring and a pair of earrings.

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