when should Guo Da Li take place (1 month or more before AD)
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    when should Guo Da Li take place (1 month or more before AD)


    Need help there as my AD will be in November, the Guo Da Li we intend to hold it in November (2 weeks before AD). However, understand that the wedding cakes will be given by the groom to the bride family during the Guo Da Li where the parents can distribute the wedding cakes and invitation cards to the relatives at the same time. Will the timing be too late where the formal invitation will be given out to them? Have intention to hold it earlier in end sep. Do you think is better? Advise pls

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    Traditionally guo da li is 2 to 3 months before your invitations are given out. But now, people usually give it out 2-3 weeks before the AD (after the invitations are given out). I think it's really up to you and your families

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    I see. now i get it. tnx for the advice.

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