WTS: SB Bridal Package (Open Date)
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    WTS: SB Bridal Package (Open Date)

    hi all..will like to let go my local Seletar Broadway BS package worth $3,288. Had paid a deposit of $1,500.

    Below are the details of package:

    1 Bridal gowm (MTM) - for shooting n actual day
    1 Evening gown (MTM) - for shooting n actual day
    3 other outfits for shooting plus the above 2 will be 5 outfits
    Gent's coat (1 white shirt and a pair of custom made trousers - can keep), 2 coats
    1 Bridal bouquet
    Car decoration
    Bridal car, dun wan car can rebate $200, serving couple only
    Bridal make up(trial, day, night)
    Fresh flower for indoor studio phototaking
    Head flowers, gloves, necklaces, earrings
    2 Father's jackets (off the rack)
    2 Mummy's gowns (off the rack) - cant alter, if cant find any suitable den ownself source
    24'' 18R album (13 pages, 32 poses)
    20'' X 24" canvas or 3/1 design (to hang in bedroom)
    10" X 12" tabletop
    8R album (30 poses- duplicate of the 32 poses, omit 2 poses)
    Guest book
    Extra 1 pose $65
    Ampoules + Fake eyelash - $35 per set
    B4 7 am need make up artist is extra $20/hr (Actual day)
    Outdoor shooting 3 locations
    1 short gown for shooting, ROM
    5 hairdos
    CD with selected photos

    Interested parties can pm me

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    Can email me your offer @ hpchean@msn.com?

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    Hi rainie77

    Can email me at basicbudgetbride@gmail.com? My budget is $2000.

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