WTS: Seletar Broadway Pre-wedding & Actual Day Photography Package (Open Date)

We have a Bridal package from Seletar Broadway to let go

Total cost of package: $2,988.00 excluding GST, Package details as follows:

Pre Wedding Photography:

For the Bride:
1x Bridal Gown (OPEN CHOICE to all including new design)
1x Evening Gown (OPEN CHOICE to all including new design)
** allow 1x made to measure item (either Bridal Gown or Evening Gown) **
1x Traditional Kua / tea dress (open choice to all including new design)

For the Groom:
1x Custom made White Shirt (can keep)
1x Custom made trousers (can keep)
2x Gent's coats

Package includes indoor studio & outdoor photo shoot (up to 3 outdoor locations)
Fresh flower for indoor studio photo-taking (inclusive of head flowers, gloves, necklaces and earrings)

Wedding Album is inclusive of the following:
1. One 18 x 12 with 35 poses (Album box OPEN CHOICE)
2. One 20"x 24" Canvas with frame
3. One 10"x 12" photo with frame (table top) or 3 In 1 (table top)
4. One Guestbook
5. Free CD-ROM for all selected photos (35 poses)
6. Free 5 mini album (30 poses duplicate)

Actual Day:
1. Bride Wedding Dress,Gown and Kua and Groom Jacket Rental
2. Hairdo + Bridal Make Up (Day and Evening)
3. 1x Bridal Bouquet (more than 20 choices of flowers)
4. Car Decoration (Bridal car and 2 - 4 following car)
5. 6 - 10 Corsages
6. 2x Father jacket rental
7. 2x Mother dress rental

** Additional Free Perks **

1. Free outdoor transportation to selected outdoor destination.
(not inclusive of ERP, Parking Fee, Entrance Fee) usual price @ $150
2. 1x Groomsmen jacket rental
3. 1x Bridesmaid dress rental
4. 2x Brother jacket rental

Payable to makeup artiste / Bring your own:

Fake eye lash - $15 per pair (original at $20 per pair)
Ampoule @ $30 per bottle

** Optional Perks **

Top up $400 for Full Day (up to 10 hours) actual day photographer service
(All soft copy in DVD) ** super valuable
Top up $480 for Actual day car rental Mercedes Benz M200E (Model 211)
(inclusive of chauffeur and petrol)

***Pls PM or email me at hellomello963@gmail.com for further details and we can negotiate the pricing best suited to your needs. thanks!