Full Actual Day and Pre-wed photography package to let go.

Great package with additional stuffs negotiated for as it was signed during bridal show!

Pre-Wed Photography:
Can choose between Taiwan outdoor OR Singapore indoor+outdoor!
- 4X gowns + 1X casual
- 4X Men’s Suit + 1X casual
- Makeup + 4 styling
- 40 poses in 15”X15” or 12”X18” Album (upgraded album size and no. of poses)
- 20”X24” Portrait or 24”X30” 3-in-1 Montage (upgraded size)
- 2X 8R table top (FOC)
- 2X 4R mini album 20 poses (FOC)

- Wedding gown (upgraded to Designer collection)
- Evening gown (upgraded to Designer collection)
- Tea dress/ Kua
- 2X Groom’s Suit (Designer collection)
- 2X Father’s jacket (FOC)
- 3X hair & makeup (Actual Day, Actual Lunch/Night, Trial-makeup only)
- Fresh flower bouquet
- 8X corsages
- Bridal car + 3X brother’s car deco

*can top-up if want MTM rental gown

PM me if interested!