Hello all,

Im letting go of a very attractive Whitelink bridal studio package at a discount of $3300 NETT. (Bought at $3745)

Please leave a comment if interested.


Pre-wedding Photography + AD Entitlement (Local)
Gown - 4 pieces (Off-the-rack, exclusive range)
Wedding Dress (include accessories)
Evening Dress (include accessories)
Tea Dress/ Kua
ROM Dress
Men's suit (jacket and pants) - 2 pieces (exclusive + mandarin collar jacket)
Make-up and hair-do (Studio)
Studio Bouquet (Fresh)
Total 5 outfits for photoshoot
3/2 Studio
2/3 outdoor
Photography 10 hours (Studio + Outdoor without transport. Outdoor you can choose the locations you want) including night shoot
Fresh Bridal Bouquet
Make-up and hair-do (Trial, Day and Night)
Bridal Car Deco
3-4 following car deco
8 pieces fake wrist bands
6 Corsages
4 pieces jackets for brothers
2 pieces sister dress
Alteration and editing no extra charges

Photography Entitlement
1 Piece 16 x 20 portrait with frame /OR 1 piece 12 x 30 3 in 1 with frame
1 Piece 12 x 15 album 30+3 poses with 20 pages
1 Piece 4R Album (20 Piece max)
1 Piece 8R table Top
1 Piece CD-Rom with selected poses only
Additional 15R at $80/pose

Additional 15R at $80/pose
Additional Jacket or sister dress at $80 per piece for dry clean and alteration
Outdoor transport for pre-wedding shoot at $120