Free and User-Friendly Electronic Wedding Tools

The sole purpose of wedding planning is to make the actual day celebration run as smoothly as possible. A wedding has many different aspects and it’s impossible to successfully carry them out without some form of organisation. In fact, organisation is key to an effective and successful wedding.

This is the reason why different forms of organisation tools for wedding planning are available, including online applications and programs. One user-friendly online organisation tool that brides can use for wedding planning is the Perfect Weddings iPhone app.


The PW Wedding Planning App

The Perfect Weddings iPhone app allows bridal couples to access, update and share their planning tools anywhere they are. It comes either as an all-in-one wedding planner or as a specific feature. For instance, its merchant contacts feature streamlines the process of collecting and keeping information about the various merchants you can choose from for your wedding.

Our app also has an RSVP form and Guest List Manager feature. Simply send an online invitation to your guests and each recipient can fill out the blank boxes with their name, attendance, and other information that might be pertinent to their attendance. You can then view the updates of your invitation using your smartphone or computer.

If you find anything you’d like for your wedding while browsing the web, just save it to the Favourites feature of the PW Wedding Planning app. This way, whenever you’re looking for inspiration, or if you want to share your ideas with any of your vendors, you can simply go to the Favourites tab and show them what you wish to have on your wedding.


Of course, the Perfect Weddings iPhone app also has the one indispensable feature of any wedding planning tool – the Wedding Checklist. This feature lets you gather everything you need to prepare for your big day, divide and categorize them into doable, manageable tasks, and then track the progress of each. This way, you’re always on top of your wedding planning as you approach and even as you experience your wedding.

Wedding Program and Duties Sheet

Another simple but effective planning and organising tool that couples can use is the Wedding Program and Duties Sheet. It comes in handy during the actual wedding day as it contains information about the activities for that day, when that activity will take place and who is the person in charge. It can also include remarks you’d like to give to the person in charge for each duty, informing him or her exactly what you’d like them to do.


For instance, during the fetching of the bride, the remark for the groom may read like this: “younger brother to give 2 oranges to the groom before opening the car door; groom to give red packet to younger brother upon alighting from the car. Bring: tea sets for tea ceremony, Chinese gown for changing, shoes, jewelry and make up.”

The contact information of the bride and the groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as of the florist, photographer, beautician, caterer, banquet or hotel manager, musician and driver should be included at the bottom of the program plan. You should print several copies so everyone who has an important participation in the wedding is fully prepared for their duties.

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