Fun-Filled Marriages to Last a Lifetime

Every couple wants their marriage to last. Marriage is like a plant that should be cared for. So as not to let it wither, it must be watered daily and provided with proper exposure to sunlight. Water and sunlight are its essentials, and marriage too has essentials you have to keep in mind. One of it is fun.

happy couple at home

When a relationship is still starting, fun is almost a constant element. This is why courtship is often the most fun phase in a couple’s relationship. Because the guys is always putting his best foot forward, he tries his best to make you laugh through his jokes, amuse you with his anecdotes, make you blush through exclamations of his undying love for you. These are all done to make you enjoy and look forward to his company. If he can’t do all these, chances are any effort he makes in wooing you would only go to waste. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you’re not having fun in his company, your relationship will go nowhere.

When you’ve finally said yes and ventured into a relationship with him, one of the many essentials you required for the love to deepen is fun. So, he constantly planned for outings or bonding moments to enjoy and experience fun with you. The second you see the face of your sweetheart, you instantly feel excitement and thrill. Every hour spent with him is filled with happiness. Every day spent with your loved one is a fun-filled day. Until, your relationship eventually sours.

Now, you cannot face him without a scowl on your face. Now, you even find it more and more difficult to fake your happiness when he’s around – until one you decide you’d be happier not seeing him at all.

When a couple ends their relationship, they would often say that love has outgrown them. Fun faded. Bit by bit, traces of thrill diminished. That is what happened with yours. But with marriage, it is different. Marriage is not a kind of relationship that you can just end anytime you want to. Marriage is for eternity, it is without bounds. You cannot get out of it with just one snap. Marriage is forever.

This is why fun is something a marriage should not ran out. You married him in the first place because you are happy with him. You sync in together and you find common habits amusing. Almost all researches concerning a happy marriage showed a direct relationship between a happy marriage and fun. Couples joke freely with their partners and good teasing is common in the house. Every day, you and your husband should find ways to liven up your relationship. Here are some ways to elicit laughter from him:

•  Be it in the morning before going to work or in the evenings while preparing dinner, spark a lively yet meaningful conversation by recalling fun and exciting moments during your courtship days.

•  You and your husband could share a hearty laugh even while doing household chores. Crack some old jokes. You’ll notice that all the hard work is easily done when you are enjoying.

•  Tickle him. It’s a stress reliever. And you will both feel tension-free afterwards. If either of you had a bad day at work, the other should comfort and pamper the other. Aim to please, always.

With happy partners, kidding around is a good way of showing your humour. Laughing is a healthy option. Laughing and loving are two different action but both could be enjoyed the most when done together.

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