Geeky Wedding Gift Ideas

While shopping for traditional wedding gifts that have been pre-listed by the couple is practical and a safe choice, it isn’t much fun. Getting a gift for someone should be a fun and thoughtful act so that the given item comes out special and not seem like merely an obligation.

If you have geek friends who are about to get hitched, then you just might enjoy buying them these unique wedding gifts, which may not be in their list but ones that they are sure to enjoy. Warning: couples must be hardcore geeks to withstand the quirkiness of these gifts.


1.   Glassware

One of the most popular wedding gifts is glassware of every use, kind, and color. But how about kicking up the notch and giving your friends the Star Trek Rocks Glass Set by Jackglass on Etsy? Rather than the usual pair of wine glasses or champagne flutes, go for these rock glasses with sandblasted symbols of the Star Fleet Command. These will surely exhilarate your Star Trek fan friends, who would definitely look forward to drinking with you soon with the glasses you gave them.


2.   Dinnerware

Just as popular as glassware is dinnerware. Give your friends a dinner set with a twist that will complement your Star Trek rock glasses, such as Dr. Who-themed plates or any set that has a unique design of your friends’ favorite comic book character. If you can’t find these online, you can always customize. There are vendors who offer to print on plate that is non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Unique plate designs will surely get people talking every time they eat from it.


3. Bedding Set

Let your friends’ favorite Doctor Who sleep with them in bed! Adult double bedspread has become more edgy with designs that showcase popular TV, novel, or comic book characters. However, be sure your friends will be comfortable sleeping on them. As you know, no matter how geeky a woman is, there must still be room for femininity—something that’s best show in the bedroom.


4. Toaster and Towel Set

if your friends are a fan of The Big Bang Theory, they’ll love the Battlestar Galactica LED Toaster! It’s a toaster with two plates that will burn their toast with a Cylon or the message “Frak Off.” Or how about giving them a towel set—but instead of the usual “Mr. and Mrs.” design, have the message “Don’t Panic” printed in bold red letters courtesy of Hoopy Froods over at Think Geek.

Be creative when coming up with gifts for your friends, though do practice due caution to avoid ending up buying something that is only cool for you. Think about what they really like and be inspired by their personalities and interests and marry them with traditional wedding gift items for a unique present they will love.

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