Gerald & Jowin – A Love Full of Treasured Moments

Gerald and Jowin

Instant Moment of Attraction

The moment Gerald saw Jowin, he was drawn to her right away. So when they were finally introduced to each other by a common friend, he eagerly made the most of his time with her by making her laugh and making sure she was having a good time. Even before the night was over, he knew he needed to see her again.

Proposal Under Magnificent Lights

Gerald contacted Jowin to ask her out on a date, which they did repeatedly until they grew to love each other. They went to different places and took adventures together, and one day Gerald looked back at it all and decided he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Jowin.

After a lot of careful preparation, Gerald was ready to propose. It happened during the Labour Day long weekend, with Gerald chartering a yacht to take them to the back of Sentosa to watch the best light show in Singapore, the Songs of the Sea. Jowin thought that the show was already the surprise of the day, but she got a bigger surprise when as the show went on Gerald knelt on one knee, presented her with a diamond ring, and asked if she would marry him.

“Yes, of course!” she said.

And at that very moment, just as Gerald had perfectly timed, the show reached a crescendo and fireworks exploded, lighting the skies above the couple.

“It was perfect and magical,” Jowin remembers, “Up until today, I can still recall that very fateful evening.”

A Wedding Dinner to Remember

For many couples in Singapore, the wedding party seems to have happened so fast and even some couples can’t even remember the details of their own celebration. That was far from Gerald and Jowin’s experience though.

“We had a really wonderful and memorable wedding,” Gerald says, “Everything was perfect.”

He recalls that the pressure of being the centre of attention did not stop them from taking in the beauty of each moment of the party. They were still able to mingle with their guests and really enjoy the things they have prepared for the night.

It also helped that everything ran perfectly during the wedding dinner, which was held at Shangri-La Singapore: everyone arrived on time, the food was excellent, the services staff was professional and attentive, and the banquet manager was there to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Extending the Love and Joy

Gerald and Jowin are sure to keep only good memories from their wedding. From the wedding planning stage to their first march-in and until they bid their wedding guests goodbye, everything went exceedingly well. Even their pre-wedding photoshoot, where they had to shoot at various locations in Singapore under downcast skies, turned out to be a good experience with great results.

“Everyone commented that the wedding was beautifully done,” Jowin says, “Our guests said they really enjoyed themselves.”

Asked about what was the most special thing about their wedding, the couple says it was their pre-wedding video. A creation of videographer company Reddot Studio, it dramatized the couple’s relationship from their first encounter and courtship until their magical proposal at the sea. When it was shown at the party, not a few guests were brought to tears when it ended, having felt the love that Gerald and Jowin shared.

“It was really special,” Gerald says, “It wasn’t just our wedding, but to an extent, also our guests’ who felt the love that we had for each other!”

Gerald and Jowin

Wedding Videography: Reddot Studio

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