Getting a “Yes!” in a Special Way

Our guide to making a wedding proposal with excitement and charm


For many women, the wedding proposal is an affirmation: it affirms to herself and everyone else how special she is, that she has found a man who loves her so deeply that he is willing to commit all of himself to give her a happy and wonderful life. So knowing how much your proposal would mean to your girlfriend, you should do it with the goal of letting her know how much you truly love and value her. To do that you need…

The right timing and approach

The element of surprise is probably the one factor that would give your proposal the biggest impact. However, make sure that while your proposal is indeed surprising, it doesn’t overwhelm or embarrass. Lead her on with subtle cues such as simple romantic gestures before you pop the big question: without this, your proposal comes too suddenly and may fall flat; with it, it becomes exciting while also perfectly fitting the moment.

Be discrete in your planning to avoid giving hints too early so as to make the surprise better, especially as you shop for your engagement ring. Check out our guides on how to find the perfect wedding rings and bands to know how to find the right engagement ring and where to buy it.

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A reference to your love story

By looking back to how your love story unfolded, you can get inspiration on where and how to propose. Places like where you met, where you officially became a couple, a favorite restaurant or café, or your usual spot under a tree in a park – all can be good options to hold your proposal. However, if your chosen venue is a place you frequent, you need to have some tricks up your sleeve ready to keep the proposal from seeming too casual. (One advice though: don’t do that “ring inside the food” trick, as not only is it a bit gross, you also risk her choking.)

Another way to incorporate your story into your proposal is to do it during an activity that you like doing together, such as cooking, watching a concert or even playing video games. You can, for example, wait for your band to play your theme song and then popping the big question. This way, she won’t be suspicious that a proposal is about to happen while making it more meaningful for both of you.

Something specific to her

Do you know her favorite film, novel or song? Use that as an element in your proposal. She’ll blush when she realizes that not only did you create a special moment, it’s also one that’s made especially for her. Incorporating her personal favorites in the proposal is a good way to personalize it and avoid if from looking like other proposals she might have seen or heard of.

Including something that’s special to your girlfriend – whether it’s her favorite restaurant, time of the day, or the place where you met – in your proposal will make it extra special.

Take her favorite song and make a music video out of it as your proposal. You two can watch it together on the couch or upload it online for a romantic public declaration. If you want to make it more challenging, make her part of the video without her anticipating it. As you reach her favorite part of the song, for example, cut the video to show the two of you in real time, kneel in front of her and present your engagement ring.

The right number of audience

Some people believe that a moment becomes more special when it’s kept private, while other believe it becomes better when more people see it – both can be true. It really all boils down to personality type, so you better know your girlfriend’s preference. Quiet or grand? Intimate or extravagant?

To know which option is better, look back to her reactions in past events in your relationship. If she puts more value on intimate moments, then propose to her in private; but if she loves large spectacles more, then she’ll find a public proposal more meaningful.

Making a specially-planned wedding proposal has never been easy for any man. But your love and readiness to commit will let you overcome any uncertainties you’ll encounter in doing it! As soon as you hear her beautiful “Yes!”, then you’ll know that all the effort and tension you’ve taken is all worth it.

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