Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen and Ring Bearer

The people you choose to become part of your wedding entourage are no strangers to you: your best man is your age-old best bud, your groomsmen your closest friends who have been there by your side through thick and thin, and your ushers your (and your bride’s) kin and relatives.


These men will prove to you once again how special you are to them by finding time for your wedding. They’ll travel to attend your wedding, rent tuxedos, act as ushers and organise the bachelor’s party. Your groomsmen would even do bizarre challenges with you to help you fetch your bride for the tea ceremony.

Thanking your groomsmen for all their efforts with thoughtful gifts is only appropriate. A great gift for them should either (or preferably both) be useful and practical or one that fits their personalities. Here are some gift ideas perfect for your male buddies and the personality they match.

Barware and Drinking Accessories

If most of your buddies are drinking men, they’ll certainly enjoy sipping on a fine glass of whiskey. The choices for drinking glasses are infinite – from beer mugs, to engraved pilsners to dual-purpose drinking glasses beer/light pint glasses.

Add a barrel for pals who love to mix liquors, or just a set of their favourite liquors if you’re feeling extra generous.

Great for: college buddies who still keep the party going. Even if you will no longer hang out with them as often as you used, you can still celebrate good times with new drinking ware.

Grooming Items

Help male pals get their best look on your wedding by gifting them a shaving kit during the rehearsal dinner. A shaving kit contains all the tools used before and after shaving. These include pre-shave oil, shaving cream, shaving brush and after-shave balm.

Great for: Male friends with hairy face and body. A classic shave will help make them look neat and better looking.


Pocket Tools

Friends you have spent with on many weekends for outdoor adventures would appreciate gifts that will be an addition to their adventure tools. This include items like locking pocketknife or fishing lure.

Great for: Buddies who love spending weekends outdoor.

Grilling Gear

Fathers could make the best grilled burgers. Hence, a BBQ grill would make a perfect gift for a friend dad. Father in-laws would appreciate this gift too, and in return, you could expect receiving many BBQ invites for summer.

If the recipient already has one, a grillmaster apron can be an alternative gift. It comes with adjustable neck strap and additional features like towel, bottle holder and oven mitt. You can choose to add the recipient’s initials to give the item a personalised touch. A barbecue kit or a cooler chair would also make a perfect choice for dads.

Great for: Dads and Father-in-laws

Men’s Accessories

Some men simply love to dress up and look elegant. There are even who seem to never run out of excuses to sport a new set of cufflinks or a new watch. Gifting them with matching ties and cufflinks will make them know that you notice it. Other accessories that would fit this male personality is a money clip.

Great for: Male friends who have jobs in the corporate world.

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Tech Gear

Techies, which many, many guys are, always make sure that they’re not left behind as far as the trend in modern gadgets is concerned. Hence, all the groom needs to do is find out what kind of modern gadget that techy friend has and look for case that will protect it from scratches. A gunmetal case or the robot iPhone case would be a good choice.

The groom may also look for novel inventions such as handy kinetic charger. The nPower PEG, for instance, is a personal kinetic charger for mobile phones. The device comes with a backup battery that uses motion (dancing, walking or running) to charge a handheld device.

Great for: Mobile people or those who are always on the go.


Gifts for the Ring Bearers

Even though young ring bearers normally still don’t fully grasp the concept of returning favours, they do recognize gestures of appreciation. That’s why grooms should not forget gifting these little participants in their wedding party. Here are gift ideas that grooms can consider for their ring bearers:

Personalised Ring Bearer Jersey

If the little boy seem to like sports, he would love wearing a jersey and showing it off to his friends while watching field games. Choose colour and font for his initials that is similar to the colour and font style used for his favourite team. This will help make the kid know that you’re paying attention. A sporting event ticket would be a welcome alternative.

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Personalised Back Packs

Almost all kids use backpacks, especially grade schoolers. Having a personalised bag could help make the kid look cool and that could boost his confidence. A duffle bag can also be considered, especially since kids like putting all things in one bag.

Canvas Bag Filled with Goodies

Your bride can help painting the ring bearer’s name on the bag, or getting some cute iron patches on it. Fill it inside with little knick knacks like colouring books, stickers, crayons and even some snacks.

Personalised Cash/Lock Box

This is like a fancier version of a piggy bank, but the purpose is just the same: save money. It’s a good way to encourage the kid to start saving even if it is just a small amount. Complete it with the ring bearer’s name engraved on the lock box.

The gifts grooms should give to his male entourage need not be expensive. It only needs to be specifically chosen for the recipient for it to become useful and a memorable gift. The more carefully thought the gift is, the easier it is for the recipient to feel the sincerity and generosity behind the gesture.

It may not come with a handwritten letter or a costly price tag, but a well thought gift pretty much tells the message behind the gesture.

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