Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Your wedding preparations can be made less stressful with the help of your girl friends. After all, you’ve asked them to be your bridesmaids knowing that you can rely on them and, by agreeing to your request, they have pledged to help put your wedding together. For this, you have to show them your appreciation for their time and effort by giving them gifts that they will truly enjoy.

There are so many gift ideas out there for bridesmaids, but the best direction to take in giving tokens of appreciation is the personal route. Whatever your gifts are, they will be valued for your thoughtfulness so take the time to think about how to make your gifts special and personalized for your bridesmaids.


Here are some gift ideas customize and turn into lovely sentimental pieces:

Gift Bags

What’s good about giving gift bags is that you can offer an assortment of specialty items without spending too much on just one gift. When you go for this option, choose bags that are both stylish and useful. Select a sturdy material such as canvas where you can have your wedding monogram printed or embroidered. This way, the bag also becomes a wedding memento. You can fill the bags with cosmetics, accessories, or pampering treats.

Personal Favorites

May it be cooking or dancing, give your bridesmaids gifts related to their personal interests. Doing so will make you seem doubly thoughtful. You can, for example, give a cookbook a pass to a cooking class for a bridesmaid who loves to cook. For a bridesmaid who loves dancing, you can get her ballet or jazz shoes or even hook her up with a hot dance instructor! The better you know your bridesmaids, the better your gifts would be.

Entertaining Gifts

You can also get your bridesmaids a set of movies of their favorite actor or director. Or give them an album of their favorite band or singer (you ca attach a thank you message on the album cover). If they’re book fanatics, give them autographed copies from their favorite authors. For techie bridesmaids, customized accessories for their gadgets, such as cell phone casing or headphones, would be highly appreciated.


Gift Certificates

These may not be as personalized as your gift should be, but it can be very beneficial for your bridesmaids. It just depends on the kind of GC you’re going to give. Think gym or spa membership or a certificate for an organic food market: choose a gift certificate that would best benefit them. To personalize this gift, you can put the certificates in scented envelopes along with your thank you notes.

In choosing gifts for your bridesmaids, price doesn’t have to be a factor just as long as you are creative in making your gifts special. Make sure that each of your bridesmaids enjoys your gifts and feel that you took the time to think about how to thank them for being an important part of your wedding.

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