Gifts For Your Favourite Newlyweds

Wedding gifts can be a headache at times, especially if the newlyweds already have every appliance in their new abode. After all you want to be genuine yet original. What are they supposed to do with 10 toasters in their kitchen? His and Hers matching gifts might just be the solution to your woes. Whimsy, personal and practical (maybe some, not so), it’s a plus if these gifts are humorous and significant to the couple. If you can’t afford Kitchenaid, here are 10 gifts just within your budget and equally sincere!


1) You Give Me HP

This ingenious idea draws its roots from video games and HP (Health Points for all you non-geeks), it’s a simple concept, be apart from your other half and the hearts across the shirt will light up at 2 and a half pixelated hearts. When you’re within hugging radius, your HP gets restored, reaching 6 full hearts. This gift is for all gamer couples, if one heart isn’t enough to store all the love you have for your other half, perhaps 6 hearts will do the trick.

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2) You Complete Me

It is almost impossible to wear a couple T-shirt in public without coming off as ‘trying too hard’, ‘cheesy’ or simply ‘cringe worthy’. Hardly is there ever a couple shirt that can appease even the most cynical of critics… until now. How could anyone deny this endearing yet not overwhelmingly cutesy illustration? These hand painted shirts have managed to shed any negative articles that come attached to ‘matching couple outfits’. Either way these shirts can be worn by themselves and it wouldn’t look out of place. (Plus everyone loves pizza, so you definitely cannot go wrong with this.)

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Price: $112.28

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3) Matching Underwear

Save the couple from embarrassment by gifting matching underwear instead of matching shirts. Brought to you by the same creative who designed the previous pizza shirt, this cheeky undergarment has hand painted illustrations of a handlebar ‘stache for the gents and a pair of luscious crimson lips for the ladies, labelled with ‘Mr’ and ‘Ms’ respectively.

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Price: $63.16

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4) Spoon Me

Mornings can be a grumpy affair if caffeine is not administered promptly; who can blame couples for being possessive over their cup of coffee? Avoid unwanted scuffles for stirring spoons with a set of his and hers coffee spoons! No more mishaps or mix-ups when these spoons come clearly labelled with ‘my coffee’ and ‘your coffee’.

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Price: $35.90

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5) I Wanna Hold Your Hand

The unforgiving climate in Singapore may mean some getting used to when in a cooler temperature. These ‘Mittens for Lovers’ will be the perfect companion when the newlyweds spend their honeymoon in Winter Wonderland. Not even the cold will be a barrier to their love with these specially crafted gloves allowing for optimal contact. It comes in 3 separate pieces, two regular gloves with one mega glove with two openings- perfect for holding hands on winter strolls.

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Price: $22.46

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6) We Have Chemistry

These coffee mugs do not come across as overtly kitschy, or pretentious. Cleverly designed, the mugs incorporate elements from the Periodic table to form ‘His’ and “Hers’, this is a gift not only chemistry nerds will appreciate. After all, if their chemistry was what sparked off a relationship in the first place, it is more reason to get these mugs. Love may not be all science and theories, but we’re definitely saying cheers to this gift!

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Price: $33.68

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7) ‘I’ve Got 99 Problems, But You Ain’t 1’

A line taken from Jay Z’s ’99 Problems’ and popularised in meme’s across the interwebs, it is an oddly romantic and somewhat poetic statement. Of all the numerous problems you might be facing, your other half certainly isn’t contributing to that list! In an ever-increasing worry-filled world, to somehow find peace or calmness is a rare occurrence. To have that serenity in a form of a person, well that’s love. These shirts could not have put it any better.

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8) Not That Sort Of Pecan

Had too much to drink before bedtime and have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? We are all familiar with the struggle, to stay in bed or trudge to the bathroom all groggy. Bid farewell to middle-of-the-night bathroom troubles with this tongue-in-cheek gag gift of pee cans, literally. Relieve yourself in these miniature cups when the situation calls for it, but do warn the couple beforehand, to be careful where they place the cups after use! You wouldn’t want them to drink from the wrong cup when they wake in the morning!

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Price: $21.02

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9) Share The Burden

Give the newlyweds a reminder to always stick as a team throughout, even when marriage may feel like a competition sometimes. These tea towels put that message across perfectly with ‘You cook’ and ‘I’ll clean’. Spilt a little Cream of Mushroom? Your other half has got that mess covered! It doesn’t matter who’s on kitchen duty when a couple shares responsibilities, and it even makes household chores fun. Be on the same team whether its in the kitchen or in life.

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Price: $59.05

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10) Suit Up!

Complement the tea towels with a set of Superman and Wonder Woman aprons. Sometimes cooking up a storm can be the everyday equivalent of fighting crime when recipes go horribly wrong and when domestic becomes disaster. It’s time to save the day, today! (Or everyday, for that matter).

Photo by HH Building

Price: $12.19

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11) You’re Like Bacon To My Eggs

Halloween costumes won’t be an issue anymore with this Bacon and Eggs costume combination. This ensemble is sure to win at all subsequent Halloween or costume parties. You can’t have bacon without eggs and vice versa, breakfast would simply be incomplete. In the same way married couples cannot do without one another, this is a testament to their love in costume form! If the couple you know takes costume dressing very seriously, this is the gift for them!

Photo by Rasta Imposta

Price: $21.33

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12) Plate-ly I’ve Been Thinking Of You

If you feel that there are too many novelty gag items on our list that your more serious no nonsense couple friends cannot appreciate, we have an offer they cannot refuse. These elegant Victorian styled decorative plates are one of a kind. Glazed on both plates is a couple immaculately dressed, when placed together, forms the complete picture. Of course it would a bit strange to eat from the plate with their bottom half, displaying both plates on a wall would sound like a better option.

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Price: $73.39

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13) Big Hairy Couple

Are they an adventurous Yeti-seeking couple? Constantly on the prowl for the Loch Ness Monster news? Well these set of magnets are not huge bald hairy men but rather, the ever-elusive Sasquatch (holding hands no less)! It’s the best depiction of the couple, in Yeti form going for adventures around the world hand- in-hand.

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Price: $30.93

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These gifts beat a blender any day, and the newlyweds are certain to acknowledge your creativity. It is no easy feat choosing gifts useful for two people, one is sure to use the gift more than the other, why not give them separates so no one feels left out? Just wait for the ‘Thank You’ note coming your way in a few months time.

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