Glam Hair to Match Your Pretty Veils!

The veil is a must-have bridal accessory for most women, but selecting the right veil can be a headache – no pun intended! Rather than styling your hair to suit the veil, why don’t you choose a veil that complements your hair? Things will seem less complicated this way.

Hairstyles for Brides with Long Hair

The Updo 


The updo refers to any hairstyle that pulls your hair together instead of letting it fall freely pass your shoulders to your waist. So, the chignon, the French twist, the bun and the ponytail are a few gorgeous variations you can consider. However, it’s also important to remember that sporting an updo makes your face shape more apparent! Brides with a round face need a longer veil to lengthen their face, while brides with a narrower and more angular face need a fuller veil to soften their appearance.

There a many ways to wear your veil when you have an updo. For example, when you have a chignon rolled close to the nape of your neck or a topknot, you have a long veils that start from your crown and drops to the floor. These veils are often attached to headbands, bridal caps, tiaras, hairbands or floral crowns. You can even consider wearing an overhand knot veil or tying a rhinestone studded bun band, with a handkerchief veil attached, around the base of your high bun! But when you want to show-off your French twist, you may prefer pinning the veil under of your gathers of your braid using a comb. Pinning your veil in this manner creates a sweet, playful look.

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Hair Down 


Long, flowing hair is considered very feminine, especially straight, black hair that falls below your shoulders. When you are going for such a look, you have to make sure that your hair appears sleek. So, ladies who aren’t getting a stylist or make-up artist on your wedding day, you should consider visiting the hairstylist the day before. As for your veil, a long one – something that reaches your fingertips at the very least – is a great choice. While you won’t have any gatherings to secure your comb to, you could select a veil that comes with a headband or beautifully decorated headpiece. Of course, plain hair pins and combs are always available, if you want a clean, simple look.

Straight hair may be more common, but there brides-to-be who have curly hair too. Whether they are big wavy curls or gentler tousled curls, your curls give you are a lovely soft, feminine look. Similar to those with long, straight hair, you will look beautiful when you wear veil that is much longer than your hair. Your accessories also include headbands, caps, floral crowns or tiaras.

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The Half-Updo


This hairstyle bundles up just enough hair to create the updo, while letting the rest to cascade down your back. The overall effect is elegant and sophisticated, and depending on how you style the updo, your face shape won’t be as pronounced! Brides with natural curls or those who enjoy perming their hair pull off this princess-y look. Calling this style the royal look isn’t an exaggeration, because this is the way Kate Middleton does her hair.

As purpose of a half-updo is to flaunt your lovely tresses, avoid choosing loud or elaborate accessories, as this would draw attention away from your hair. A simple tulle veil attached to a comb pinned under the folds of your twist or braid is good enough. This hairstyle really gives the bride the best of both worlds. She can let most of her hair down without worrying about the comb or pins slipping off.

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Hairstyles for Brides with Short Hair

A pixie cut, a bob or cropped hair are the styles that leap to mind when someone mentions short hair, but ‘short hair’ can also refer hair that is not quite shoulder length. Women with hair around that length can style their hair in a modified updo by adding volume to their hair, especially around the crown. Alternatively, you could try a rustic French braid instead of a full French twist. Those of you with a slightly longer bob can try teasing your hair to form finger waves for a more feminine look.

Short-haired brides, who aren’t interested in styling their hair, can focus accessorizing instead. Jewelled hairclips, beaded ribbon hairbands, side tiaras, or fanciful fascinators with a birdcage veil can glam up your simple wedding gown. Fresh flowers, floral halos or even a huge floral clip are also wonderful alternatives when you want something more natural. Brides with fringes can sweep their bangs to one side to create an interesting asymmetrical look. The fringe could then be held in place with a hairclip or by applying some hair wax.

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There is no right or wrong when it comes to picking a hairstyle for your wedding. Even a close-cut bob can be breath-taking with the right accessories. That’s why we are ending off this article with a small pictorial guide depicting a few choice accessories for the trendy bride. Now that you know just how many options you have, we hope you’ll have fun glamming up your hair!

Beautiful Bridal Hair Accessories for Your Big Day 


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