Grace & Jun Qiang – A Military Themed Wedding

Newly Weds:

Grace, Engineer
Junqiang, Naval Officer
31 December 2011

Grace and Junqiang

From Lab Partner to Life Partners

Grace and Jun Qiang met while working together at a laboratory assignment at Nanyang Technological University. After graduation and through a mutual friend, they got to know each other more and found that they enjoyed each other’s company, so much so that they soon became a couple and stayed together through grad school.

Fast forward to a few years later – Grace now an engineer and Jun Qiang an officer in the navy – and the two are still blissfully in love with each other. Knowing that there’s only one way for their story to continue, Jun Qiang brought Grace to Phuket for a vacation- where he intended to propose. There, she was treated like royalty and pampered throughout their whole stay, which ended perfectly with Jun Qiang kneeling in front of Grace and asking her to marry him.

Recapturing the Romance

For their pre-wedding shoots, Grace and Jun Qiang had their photos taken by Avenue 8, while Vocare Media shot their wedding video. In their wedding video, the couple recreated their love story, reenacting how they met at NTU, how their love continued to grow, and finally ending with Jun Qiang’s proposal to Grace.

The video was the result of hours upon hours spent writing the script, meeting and discussing the shots with Team Vocare, the actual shooting and, lastly, editing. It was tiring, but Grace says, “Every moment was very well spent with friends, family and loved ones as there were many hilarious moments during the shoot.”

Everyone involved enjoyed making the short film and even contributed their own ideas, especially on how the other members of the “cast” should act, which often led to hilarious effects. And the result – a beautifully-shot clip with a perfect mixture of humor and romance – was something the couple is very proud of and would definitely cherish in time to come.

A Wedding to Remember

On the morning of their wedding, Grace and Jun Qiang’s followed traditional Chinese customs with the highlight being Grace’s sisters setting challenges for Jun Qiang and his brothers. But while everyone enjoyed that, the real fun started in the evening at the wedding banquet where the couple indulged their guests with great food, beautiful decorations and lively performances.

The event was held at Shangri La’s island ballroom and coordinated by the couple’s wedding planner Pave to Happiness. The organizers set up a cocktail area that featured the couple’s handwritten vows, an album of their pre-wedding photos, and a unique set of cardboard standees of the couple. Grace says, “We knew we couldn’t entertain all our guests as there were too many of them, so we thought it would be fun for them to take pictures with our standee twins instead.”

Many of the guests said that they were very impressed with the venue, which was decorated with a gold motif in satin red with Oriental and Victorian touches. “Many commented that they have not seen a wedding like ours before,” Grace says, “They said it was very unique and unforgettable.”

A Fun Fairytale Affair

Grace describes their first march-in as a fairytale moment, and there really is no better description. It started with the lights being dimmed and the spotlight trained at the stage. Then a bassist and violist started playing Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”, which was then accompanied by two violinists as a military contingent walked in. Once the contingent had taken their places, the music stopped and the main violinist opened with the Walt Disney classic “When You Wish Upon a Star” as Grace and Jun Qiang finally walked in.

For their second march-in, the couple wanted a wholly different experience, so while the first march was solemn and classical, the second march was fun and just a little crazy. During the second march in, the sisters and brothers danced to popular songs by Girls’ Generation, Super Junior and Hyuna. The march then culminated with the bride leading everyone to raise their hands as 2PM’s “Hands Up” played, and the whole number ended with the groom making his entrance by doing a high jump.

It was a blast! Everyone had a good time and enjoyed what the couple prepared for them. As for the couple, Grace says that their wedding was a dream come true, all thanks to Jun Qiang.

Photographer: Avenue 8
Videographer: Vocare Media
Venue: Shangri La Island Ballroom

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