Guide To Wedding Accessories

What are the general “Dos” and “Don’ts” of choosing the accessories to go with your wedding gown? What are the things that you must do no matter what, and what are the things that you must not do no matter what? Well, here to tell you the fundamentals of accessorizing for your wedding!

1. Don’t Overdo It

Yes, we know it’s your wedding and it will be one of the most important occasions in your entire life. Sure, you will be so tempted to flaunt an entire collection of jewelry and to dress yourself up so much that if there were a quota for putting on jewelry, you’d have maxed out your limit on your wedding night. While we understand that most women love jewelry, the biggest “Don’t” when it comes to accessorizing for your wedding is: don’t overdo it.

You want to look drop-dead gorgeous, or classy, or sophisticated, or whatever look you are going for on your wedding night, but you would not want to look as though you are a mobile Christmas tree, even if your wedding falls during the Christmas season. Someone wise ever said, “Less is more.” Exercise this piece of advice in the area and you will turn out looking elegant, and generous. After all, you should be in the limelight on your big night, not all those exquisite metals or stones.

2. Make Sure They’re Matching

Okay… so you can’t load yourself with the entire collection of the Crown Jewels, so what should you do to achieve elegance? The answer is straightforward: only choose the jewelry that goes best with your wedding gown. Needless to say, by this stage of your wedding preparations, you should have already chosen, if not finalized the design of your gown or outfit for the ceremony. Consult your family or even the designers at your bridal boutique to find out which piece or pieces of jewelry go best with your gown.

These designers would usually have pictured which sort of jewelry they want to see go with the gown so seek their professional input and if you are not going to accept their suggestion wholesale, at least keep what they have said in mind. One important step that you have to take no matter what is to find out which type of metal and which type of jewelry design works best with your wedding dress. This would help you to rule out certain choices that you may like but does not go well with your outfit.

3. “This Is Me!”

While keeping the above two points in mind, we have the last rule for you and that is: Your jewelry, not just your dress, has to be uniquely you. Put differently: what looks good on someone else may not look good on you. So what we are suggesting is that you give a list of preferred metals or stones to your jeweler or even your gown’s designer so that they will be able to help you rule out certain options that may not look good on you. If you have not gotten your gown by now, request that your designer incorporate your preferred jewelry choices into his design so that you can have the best of both worlds – an ideal gown and a set of ideal jewelry.

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