Guides to Follow When Searching For Your Ideal Ring

1. Read Up and Find Out Enough

Most girls usually grow up, already having a clear idea of what kind of wedding ring when they grew up. Most of the time, that image of the perfect wedding band stays with them all the way to when they walk into an actual jewelry shop to get their ideal ring made just right for them. However, if you do not belong to that group of girls, it would be wise to read up on the different jewelers that are trusted all around the world, and also the type of metal that would suit you, and the sort of design that you’ll look best in. Having said that, even if you belong to the former of girls described above, there is no harm in finding out more about the different metals that could work best with the design you had.

Wedding Bands

2. Don’t Compromise Your Preferences

Even though there is a fine line between what you like and what suits you, and sometimes both of the above criteria do coincide, if you want to make a bold statement as to what you absolutely adore, just go ahead with what you think of as best. After all, it is your wedding we are talking about here and for the majority, it is once in a lifetime. Find a wedding band that you truly love, put it on and be bold about your preferences even if it means it clashes with the rest of you. Be a happy and contented bride! Just because you and your groom to be are deemed as “a perfect match” doesn’t mean that an article which represents your love should be. Allow your wedding bands to express your style and/or your tastes.

3. Does It Match?

This point does contradict slightly with the above advice. However, the ultimate advice is: strike a balance. As much as you try to be unique, bear in mind that this is not just your wedding but both of yours. Your ring should not only reflect who you are (or who you try to be), it should also reflect who both of you, as a couple, are. Some aspects of the wedding bands should match though they need not be obvious. Similar material (metals, we mean) or identical inscriptions on the inside of the ring will do it just fine.

4. When Sizing Your Ring

The rule of thumb when it comes to checking your ring size (after you’ve actually got it made) is that you don’t do it in the morning, after exercise, when you have your period (for women), or when you feel unusually warm or cold (usually in the event that you’re not feeling well), because your finger is likely to have swelled, either due to water retention, or even other reasons. Another point to note is that most of the wedded rarely take their wedding band off and therefore, in order to ensure that your ring can weather all these changes, only do your final ring sizing when you are calm and when your body temperature is normal. Also, give yourself at least a month and a half before the final sizing to ensure that all the details and inscriptions that you want on your ring is there. This gives you enough buffer time in the event that your ring is not made to your satisfaction to get it altered.

5. The Practicality Test

You were realistic in your budgeting (or at least we hope you were!) and now it’s the time for you to be realistic regarding the style and design of your ring. What does this mean? Allow me to quote you a few examples. Say you know you’re going to carry on being a football coach after you get married (yup, a female football coach) and you’ve decided to be exemplify your faithfulness by wearing your wedding band 24/7. In that case, it wouldn’t be realistic for you to get a 4 carat diamond ring, would it? Consider your lifestyle and your daily activities that you can’t avoid before deciding on which ring to get. In addition, the ring has to last you decades through a myriad of activities, not just the glamorous balls you’ll be attending as a “Mrs.” You’re be car-pooling, or washing the dishes, or even spring cleaning.

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