Have You Found the Right Wedding Dress?

Sometimes, you just know you’ve found the perfect dress, and sometimes a little more consideration is necessary. Want to make sure it’s the right dress for you? Ask these questions first.

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How much does the dress mean to you?

Some brides think that you shouldn’t devote too much time looking for a dress you’ll only wear for five hours, while other brides put a lot of sentimental value on their dress and are therefore willing to put a lot of effort to make sure they have the perfect dress. Your feelings towards your wedding gown will be a big factor on whether you’ll go for just a descent gown or you’d still look for something special.

Is it within your budget?

If a wedding dress is way beyond your budget, even if it has the style and design you want, it would still be better to just walk away and find another dress. Trying on a dress you know you can’t afford can just break your heart and make it hard for you to find a cheaper alternative. Here in Singapore, it has become customary for some bridal shops to ask client about their budget so that the staff can give only appropriate recommendations.

Are you happy with how it looks on you?

This is definitely one of the most important questions you have to ask yourself. If you don’t feel good about your gown, it will surely show and make it hard for you to celebrate your wedding. You don’t have to be ecstatically happy about it – although that does happen to a lot of brides – but you should, at the very least, find yourself lovely in your chosen gown and can wear it confidently on your wedding.

What do other people think about it?

While you shouldn’t base your choice solely on the opinion of others, having their support on the gown you’ve picked will add to how good you feel about it. When shopping for your dress, bring along your most trusted advisers, like your maid of honor or a sister, and consider their opinion. Most bridal boutiques and shops in Singapore are staffed with well-experienced staff who can also give you an expert assessment and recommendations.

Does the dress suit your body type?

There are a lot of wedding dress guides, and their advices are mostly correct. Some designs do flatter certain body types better, and it’s totally find to count on fashion tips when looking for your dress. However, you shouldn’t limit your options and should try on dresses that may initially seem like a poor choice, especially if it’s recommended by a shop consultant. Some unusual combinations could actually make a great effect.

Does the gown suit your personality?

You’ll want to look especially good on your wedding, and you could do that with the right gown. But you should choose a gown that complements your own personal style and dress sense. If you’re the conservative type, you really should take a pass on the figure-hugging mini dress, and if you’ve got a liberated spirit, then a fluffy princess dress is probably not your best choice. Be the most beautiful version of you, and not someone else.

Do you want to make any changes to the dress?

Even if you’ve found the dress you absolutely want to wear on your wedding day, you may still want to make a few changes to it. It’s perfectly normal for a bride to request for her dress to have more details, change the length of the train, or adjust the neckline. That can be easily arranged as part of the dress alteration. So if you’re happy with the overall look of the dress, then you should go on and make the purchase.

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