Healthy Catering For Your Guests

As modern human beings, we are now more attentive towards our weight. Some even go to the extent of calculating how many calories a dish contains. If you have invited wedding guests like this, don’t worry. There is a huge variety of healthy alternatives around. But is it really needed?

cold buffet

Despite it being your big day, you don’t want both your wedding guests and you turning into big ones – in size of course. Be reminded that there are now better options of healthier food. If you really want meat to be served on your wedding reception, make sure you request for the thick layer of fat to be removed. You don’t want to scare your guests away. If chips are really needed, try preparing apple chips – a healthier option than having potato chips. Adding more vegetables to your menu is obviously a healthier choice. For example, you might want to serve kebab, where you get to put vegetables in it. Serving more fresh vegetables not only gives you and your guests a healthier meal, it also helps you to save costs because vegetables are much cheaper than meat.

In this modern world, globalization is very important. As such, you should prepare food from other countries. I’m sure that a minority of your guests will be from overseas. You want them to have a sense of belonging, but you don’t know how? Simply prepare a few local dishes (of course being local to those guests) and serve it to all the guests. I’m sure that the majority would praise the food that you prepared, and thus, making the overseas’ guests to feel proud of themselves and feeling that they belong to this wedding reception. There are also vegetables from other countries which are not seen in your country. Try raising the curiosity of your guests by preparing dishes with these vegetables. They will surely ask something like “what’s this”. Then, you can get your overseas’ guests to explain to them, which at the same time, getting them to get together.

Ironically, not all vegetables are healthy. Then, what should you do? Organic vegetables are the best in terms of healthiness and taste. There are also organic poultry like chicken. Compare a normal tomato and an organic-planted tomato. The organic-tomato will taste fresher and sweeter as compared to the normal-planted one. With organic foodstuff, you don’t have to worry about growing fatter, nor do you need to worry about how many calories a dish contains. This only tells us one thing – organic is the best. We all know that champagne and wine are needed in a wedding reception. To top it off, there are also organic wines available.

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